Customs Bonds

A customs import bond, or a *surety bond essentially is an insurance policy to the United States government. It is a guarantee from a surety company that the importer of record will abide by the laws and regulations governing the importation of merchandise into the United States.

With few exceptions, U.S. Customs & Border Protection regulations require that a customs bond be posted for each commercial import entry submitted. The bond does not offer protection for the importer and does not relieve the importer of any related obligations.

Importers are required to post bonds for the majority of merchandise coming into the United States. In the event goods are delivered and customs subsequently determines the original entry is incorrect (for any reason) a demand for redelivery of the goods to customs supervision, request for additional information, or reassessment of duty may be made. Failure or refusal by the importer to comply will result in a demand for payment against the bond which will be made by the surety company.

*A surety is a third party who, for compensation, assumes obligation for loss or damages.

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Marisol Single Entry Bond Services

For Infrequent Importers
Bond Based on Commercial Value
Minimum Bond Amount $1K Cost $25 minimum + $5 per Thousand
Covers Only One Entry
Typically Lower One-Time Cost
No Pre-Authorization Needed
No Activation Waiting Period
More Expensive Than Continuous Bonds for High Value Shipments
May Slow Release Timeframe

Marisol Continuous Bond Services

For Frequent Importers
Bond Based on 10% of Previous Year’s Duties
Covers All Entries for A Year
Valid with Any Broker Office
Requires Annual Renewal
Minimum Bond Amount $50K
Requires Customs Approval
Three-Week Activation Period
Generally More Convenient
Allows for Paperless Release