Marisol Domestic Services

Marisol Domestic Services Delivers Savings to the Bottom Line.

Marisol Domestic Services ability to provide savings for our clients and to assist with their transportation challenges has proven to be highly effective. MDS is working to explore an array of opportunities by designing services to fit the individual needs of each of our customers.

Global Logistics Management can take many forms and Marisol Domestic Services is prepared to provide Services in all areas of transportation.

Consider the cost of transportation as a percentage of your purchases or even of your sales and you quickly define that it makes up a large percentage of your bottom line. How can you provide for increases in your bottom line without increases in your sales volume?

Lowering your overall expenditure on transportation creates a direct reflection to your company’s profitability.

Marisol Domestic Services has the ability to offer and provides services that will enable our clients to lower overall domestic transportation cost through leveraged purchasing power. Our formula includes talented professionals that know how to produce the most from negotiations, incredible customer service to enable our customers to gain the most from the program designed for them by Marisol Domestic Services.

We do all the work at no cost to you. We are compensated from the savings that we create. Let us show you how we can provide this for your company.

Download Infographic: NAFTA by the Numbers

Strategic Services

Full review of your current transportation activity – Providing you with a better understanding of where you are currently spending your transportation dollar.
Leveraged Purchasing and negotiations – Using the leverage of our purchase with yours and creating opportunity to lower your transportation expenditure.
Clear and concise Routing Instructions – We will review all carrier responses with you and route the carriers together. Then we will provide online and hardcopy routing instructions for your staff.
Integrated Reporting – Online and manual reporting made available to you at your fingertips.
Performance Reviews – Reviewing Carrier performance and our performance for you.
Invoice Payment and Processing – Knowledge is power – We will assist in the payment and audit of your transportation invoices but the real importance is gleaning the detailed information of the transportation invoice and reporting that back to you.

All of this at no cost to you….we are compensated from the savings that we create…Let us show you how we can provide this for your company.